Saturday, April 12, 2014


My daunting freelance assignment is looking up…the client was very encouraging about my ideas and generously extended my deadline (though I offered to resign the job due to delay).

I've centered the theme of the lesson on Leonidas of Sparta. And, I confess, Gerard Butler devotee that I am..I have never seen 300 nor did I even know that's what it was about. Now I'm all, hey, dh, let's rent this ultraviolet war flick sometime when SP goes to bed early and he is all eye rolling at me.

It's pretty exciting to branch out and learn more about ancient greece. It reminds me all the things I wanted to learn more about this year.  Here's the shortlist:

ancient civilizations
more ways to support the women's empowerment of Half the Sky (a-mazing book!)
how to implement montessori at home (with a budget and without, like, a household staff)
tarot meanings and how to read
herbalism (this is my big one!)
maybe some gardening

So I'm kinda self actualizing with this project and I hope so much that I can adapt to the still-freakishly-intimidating powerpoint format they require and develop more projects with them.

Now, it's a company from Australia and I wanted to use an acceptable vernacular/slang for "cool" and then boom! down the internet wormhole Diva goes in search of Strine. I read some of the most witty and hilarious sites, but the buzz feed was my favorite for its mannered translations of the colloquialisms. Go there. Giggle.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Caffeine Brain

Why can't caffeine hype me up this much in the mornings? I dared to sip a diet soda with supper (and by "supper" I mean to invoke the three minutes I attempted to chew whilst the SP wailed and shoved at her plate bellowing "NO" at the homemade pizza with whole grain crust, four kinds of cheese, apples and mushrooms on it).  Now it's midnight and SHAZAM! I'm awake.

I'm not awake like efficient and productive, let's-get-that-laundry-under-control awake, I'm just burning eyes annoyed awake. I'm let's-eat-michael's-mini-snickers awake. I'm let's-shop-online awake. I'm accomplishing nothing constructive.

Headlines on Yahoo:
School stabbing.
Transracial adoption families protesting moronic comments in Alabama.
Some woman got to keep her 50K engagement ring after the guy dumped her because he sent a text jokingly referring to it as a parting gift.
Studies show teachers feel disengaged from their jobs and like their opinions don't matter (not disengaged but not delusional either).
Pistorius is playing the poor-me card to convince a judge that he 'accidentally' shot his girlfriend to death after multiple testimonies highlight his aggression, obsession with guns, controlling relationship, etc….yeah, the OJ story all over again.
Oooh baby Prince George is so cute and Kate Middleton is so gorgeous that I want to moo when I think of myself as being part of the same species as her. She has perfect hair. And it looks real, like there's not some fancy roadkill pinned on top of her head to make it look thicker, it's just like she has preternaturally lovely hair. I love Baby prince George's cute little picture, he looks all healthy and chubby.

But ZING those little brain cells are popping around with all the glee that they won't have come 5:48 when my alarm goes off.  And I can pretty much guarantee that the caffeine I consume first thing in the morning won't be nearly as powerful as what's fueling me now, seven hours after I drank it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Suddenly Sick Day

I'm freelancing my little tail off this week.  After a long dry spell of freelance assignments, my bids were accepted on two jobs simultaneously, one copywriting (which I'm doing cheaply to build copywriting into my resume) and one academic which is my specialty but this is on powerpoint so I'm a bit nervous about it. I can do powerpoint easily it's just the idea of making a lesson that way because I work old school with a word document printable or a chalkboard in these parts.

My SP got suddenly and comprehensively ill last night so I am home after only one day back at work from spring break. Owl Company has an experienced teacher today who will have no trouble at all but I left them notes and hope to see them tomorrow. If I don't wind up vomiting as well.  The SP is almost maliciously kissy and snuggly all in my face today as if determined to infect me!

We've had a long and animated conversation about her baby animals book (her favorite is the chameleon "because he so teeny tiny and he catches insects with his big tongue"…sticks tongue out!) and I am delighted by how talkative she is. She also, and this broke my heart, asked for milk this morning and when I said no we weren't doing milk because it might hurt her tummy since she threw up she said:  "Mama I sorry I spit all that out last night." I told her it wasn't her fault and gave her a cuddle but it just tore me up that she apologized for throwing up.

It's going to be a cozy day with SP and apparently SuperWhy.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Break Recap

After a week home with the Sweet Pea, I can say with great conviction that Daniel Tiger is responsible for the tenuous grip I've managed to retain on my sanity.

I've started a freelancing assignment to get some experience copywriting in hopes of greater things.

I'm excited to go back to work and see my Owls and read to them and get back into the swing of things.

Things I Haven't Missed During Break:

Packing Sp's lunch. It's a thankless job, often returns uneaten, and I just don't enjoy it.

Getting dressed as soon as I get up. Spent one entire day in jammies. I liked that.

The end-of-the-day chaos of packing up 21 people to go home each afternoon.

The war of wills with Garth, Anger Boy and sometimes Wally.


Things I Won't Miss Next Week:

The guilt about letting SP play on the iPad so I can hear myself think and fold some laundry.

The war of wills with SP/being told NO almost constantly by a tiny tyrant.

The not-talking-to-other-adults thing.

The music of Frozen. Not that it isn't great but…all the time, y'all. (although I can belt a very enthusiastic Love Is An Open Door now)

Monday, March 31, 2014

So Infinitely Predictable

It's spring break just now so there's no owl excitement to report this week.

I got scamazonned, my own personal term for getting a phishy email about having won a 1000 dollar amazon gift card.

It was fake. Of COURSE it was fake. But since I sign up for stuff like that through the IEA and other reputable places, there were a few minutes before I clicked on the message, realized it wanted to take me offsite and prompt me to download something (no thank you), that I thought it was real.

And here's the humiliating confession.

My absolute first impulse. Not first practical thought but first IMPULSE was:

yay we can pay for gutter guard and maybe a leaf blower, too!

Not, wow I'll buy some kickass shoes and all the ebooks I want. Not, I am sooo getting a real dining room table not the damaged one from a surplus store that we use now that has one truly dangerous chair that we keep switching between us.

Nope.  I'll buy gutter guard.  Like if I was a lottery winner I would not even take a cool trip or anything. I would take care of Leaf Management. I feel. So. Old. So. Incredibly. Old.

And dull.

Then I looked at my Amazon wish list and thought god, even my wish list is sort of boring. There are little house on the prairie craft books and a tie-in prairie cookbook and a wonder woman book for SP and a creative doodling kit I really like for myself and, um, a montessori letter sounds board book for SP. Maybe if I get super wild I'll add an anne of green gables set or something.

Humbling, I must say. To realize I wouldn't do something genuinely exciting with a windfall.

So, if you were scamazonned and had a moment of believing you had a $1000 amazon card, what would you buy? Would you play it straight and take care of your clogged gutter issues or would you have some actual fun?