Monday, April 23, 2012

Fifteen Bucks

Due to the pumping schedule, i don't lunch with my grade level buddies this year, but huddle beneath a nursing cover (bib) and pump. So I catch only bits and snatches of grade level business after school. Such as, the kids will need a snack on the bus ride home from the field trip. Ok, I agreed, understanding that we'd split a giant carton of generic goldfish crackers.

Today I found out I owe a colleague fifteen bucks for the individual fritolay chips and juices they elected to purchase for the whole grade. If I'd known it would be this much I would have suggested an alternative, since they were all on the bus together and needed to have the same thing. I. Have. a. Child. for pete's sake. I don't spend fifteen dollars on DINNER much less snack for children who did not listen.


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