Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Fever...literally

The Diva is wildly prone to sinus infections. Also spring allergies. I am, thus, sick as can be right now with our record high pollen counts and the outdoor recess duty. Although I'd far rather risk respiratory rack and ruin outside than stay cooped up inside with this bunch on a rainy day.

I was supposed to call the dr office on my break but one student punched another student in the head and I squandered my break monitoring the evenness of her pupil dilation and watching her for nausea and drowsiness.

I have a cough, fever, chills, miserable headache and the sniffles. I can take no antihistamines because they reduce milk supply. Can't use vaporub on my face or neck bc the sweet pea touches my face many times during the night and could rub her own little eyes and burn them. I let myself have advil one time today out of desperation but I try to limit that because any chemicals can be passed to her through nursing.

I called, begged, got a zpack which is a miserably slow acting and fairly weak antibiotic that is safe even during pregnancy--as safe as anything probably is during pregnancy. I took my dose. As I was dragging myself to do another load of laundry, dizzy with aching ears, dh said,
So are you better? You took your medicine, right. Has it taken effect?

Hello, one dose of antibiotics? From a man who took THREE DAYS off work the last time he had a head cold? And took every pharmaceutical preparation man can make?

Argh. I said, Really?

Then I decided to ignore him because if my head explodes from frustration it will likely hurt even worse.


London Mabel said...

Ohh poor you. :-( fgbvs for swift recovery! And less of the punching!

Skye said...

Poor thing. Hand dh the baby and go to bed. Let the laundry go until tomorrow. Or tonight. Get some real sleep.