Monday, March 31, 2014

So Infinitely Predictable

It's spring break just now so there's no owl excitement to report this week.

I got scamazonned, my own personal term for getting a phishy email about having won a 1000 dollar amazon gift card.

It was fake. Of COURSE it was fake. But since I sign up for stuff like that through the IEA and other reputable places, there were a few minutes before I clicked on the message, realized it wanted to take me offsite and prompt me to download something (no thank you), that I thought it was real.

And here's the humiliating confession.

My absolute first impulse. Not first practical thought but first IMPULSE was:

yay we can pay for gutter guard and maybe a leaf blower, too!

Not, wow I'll buy some kickass shoes and all the ebooks I want. Not, I am sooo getting a real dining room table not the damaged one from a surplus store that we use now that has one truly dangerous chair that we keep switching between us.

Nope.  I'll buy gutter guard.  Like if I was a lottery winner I would not even take a cool trip or anything. I would take care of Leaf Management. I feel. So. Old. So. Incredibly. Old.

And dull.

Then I looked at my Amazon wish list and thought god, even my wish list is sort of boring. There are little house on the prairie craft books and a tie-in prairie cookbook and a wonder woman book for SP and a creative doodling kit I really like for myself and, um, a montessori letter sounds board book for SP. Maybe if I get super wild I'll add an anne of green gables set or something.

Humbling, I must say. To realize I wouldn't do something genuinely exciting with a windfall.

So, if you were scamazonned and had a moment of believing you had a $1000 amazon card, what would you buy? Would you play it straight and take care of your clogged gutter issues or would you have some actual fun?


Skye said...

I'm older than you are. I'd probably buy books. Or a new laptop. If I had my own place, I'd buy house stuff. Gone are the days of buying lots of fun clothing and jewelry just because I could.

But y'know what? I think it's cool to own one's own house and to take care of it, to buy stuff for your kid and your kids. Fun changes as you get older and as your life changes. It's there. It just looks different.

Although it does sound like the dining set needs to go. So no one dies in a dinner-related accident. :) said...

Crocs. And yard lights. Probably books, too.

Do they sell housekeeping services?

(who really just needs a cleaning person, of any gender)
(oh, and an electrician)