Friday, March 28, 2014

Sweet Dreams

Two nights in a row of a peaceful Sweet Pea bedtime.

At seven twenty, I read her books.
Then she did her dramatic pretend shiver so I wrapped her in a baby blanket and settled into the rocker with her across my lap. Just like I did when she was an infant.

I rocked.

I sang.

Oh lord did I sing!

I tried Rockabye Baby which I think is a dreadful song about child endangerment but she sang along lustily so I switched to Counting Stars, her current preference.

She resisted sleep and even shook her head at me.

I had to reprise my greatest hits.

The ones I sang to her when she was drinking four ounce bottles of breast milk in the middle of the night.

Wild World.

Maggie May

You're So Vain.

Baby, Can I Hold You Tonight?

Fast Car.


She snuggled in with a handful of my shirt and a purple "magic" pacie and nestled against me and slept. I rocked a bit longer than necessary, I admit.

Because I've missed this. And I'll miss it again, I know.